Michael Webster – live at Spirit Studios

It takes skill to transpose a track to acoustic, retaining its sonic identity and emotional subtext without accidentally altering its fundamental nature; even more so to do it five times as Michael Webster has on his latest EP, ‘live at Spirit Studios’. Each track weaves grungy, alt-rock melodies into a tapestry of lighter strummings that […]


Adam Carpenter – Obliterate Me

Source: Gary Lambert From Welsh artist Adam Carpenter comes a single defined by contrasts. A departure from their usually more acoustic stylings, ‘Obliterate Me’ is an energetic and punky track that revels in the struggles of anxiety; ultimately making the most of living in a bad situation. Balancing honest intensity with frenetic musical energy, this […]

Soot Sprite – Sharp Tongue – 10/14/19

source: bandcamp Most would consider it a negative mark on a record to say it was difficult to pay attention long enough to write a review for; not so for Exeter-based shoegaze band Soot Sprite. With each successively entrancing track, Sharp Tongue draws the listener into a hypnagogic dream  that elevates the stresses of being […]

Weezer – Teal – 02/14/19

I don’t own weezer, tlc, youtube, no scrubs, or a copy of the teal album (thankfully) It’s not every day Weezer surprise-releases an album. It’s even more surprising when they decide to make it a cover album, riding on the success of their ‘Africa’ cover. What’s more is that it’s actually good. As such, Weezer’s […]